Dental hygiene + Non-peroxide tooth whitening in the entry bonus
Special offer 26. April 2019

The organic non-peroxide tooh whitening necessarily needs the perfect dental hygiene. By the pack you do not only save but you will achieve the perfect long-lasted effect.

Order online Dental hygiene and non-peroxid tooth whitening at our department and you will save 51 Euros.

We apply to the client the professional whitening mixture without peroxide for three times with the previous application of bio-activator and later, we use the special lamp to activate the releasing of active oxygene in this mixture. Thanks to saving materials which demonstrate their effect on the surface of enamel, they do not infiltrate into the depth of the teeth, so they do not destroy them. They do not injure gums as well. There is nothing to burn, sting or irritate and after 50 minutes there is the 3-9 degrees difference in coloration. If tartar puts on your teeth and you did not do through the dental hygiene in near past you should suppose that there will be some differences in color in these areas, because organic mixture does not pass through inorganically plaque. That is why now we bring a set with dental hygiene at the next doctor Piteková’s surgery.

It is necessary to continue in the home care with special foam, which will replace your toothpaste and will last for 3 months (until the next professional whitening) Use it to stabilize the shade; do not flush, INSTEAD OF your toothpaste.

After finishing the procedure, the client must comply whitening regime of 2-4 hours, we recommend coming full :).


Time: 100 min

Original price: 189€

Special offer: 138€