Guasha massages for face and body

Guasha is an ancient method that restores people’s health. It is considered a pearl in the treasury of Chinese medicine. This simple, at the same time fast and effective method of therapy can help the body get rid of harmful substances and pathogens. Guasha is partly reminiscent of a massage. Precious stones (Jadeid), oil and cream are used in the work. Facial guasha is also called cosmetic / beauty. It is a rejuvenating technique of traditional East Asian medicine. It consists of facial diagnostics, healing treatment and lifting. During the therapy, every centimetre of skin is treated several times. Therefore, it is possible to see the cosmetic benefits almost immediately. Body guasha is an effective means of eliminating the pathogen from the body.

Ancient Chinese doctors already knew that when a pollutant penetrates the body, it always settles on the skin first. Unless removed, it penetrates deeper and deeper until they disperse into the pathways, connect to our internal organs and disperse in the intestines and stomach. If all yin and yang pathways in the body are affected, internal organs are damaged. This is what the cycle of every disease looks like, and guasha is the imaginary “first line” of attack on how we can prevent this.