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Guasha is an ancient method that restores people’s health. It is considered a pearl in the treasury of Chinese medicine.

This simple, at the same time fast and effective method of therapy can help the body get rid of harmful substances and pathogens.

More Information

Ancient Chinese doctors already knew that when a pollutant penetrates the body, it always settles on the skin first. Unless removed, it penetrates deeper and deeper until they disperse into the pathways, connect to our internal organs and disperse in the intestines and stomach. This is what the cycle of every disease looks like, and guasha is the imaginary “first line” of attack on how we can prevent this.

Main effects:

  • revitalises blood and transforms blood clots / stagnation
  • crosses the network of pathways and improves blood circulation
  • stimulates the immune system (colds, viruses, flu, it solves almost immediately if the symptoms of the disease are detected at the beginning)
  • regenerates the vascular system, purifies the blood
  • positive effect on the nervous and emotional system
  • extraordinary self-healing effect and a preventive effect

Contraindications to Body Guasha:

  • people with fewer platelets (prone to bruising)
  • bleeding disorders, skin inflammation, damaged skin, a large number of marks and scars
  • acute injuries, fractures
  • oncological diseases
  • pregnancy, menstruation
  • blood thinners
  • great fatigue (discharge method)