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Detox is a word we hear very often these days. Detoxification stimulates the self-healing processes of our body, ie it harmonizes the body, increases energy and purifies the mind. It not only removes dead cells

and tissues as well as toxic substances that accumulate in the body and settle in organs and prevent cells from accepting nutrition. IEM SPA Detox is a comprehensive 10-day program for detoxification and healing of the body under the direct supervision of MUDr. Jarmila Bugárová.

More Information

Our program consists of five simple steps:

  • Consultation and tailor-made program with Dr. MUDr. Jarmila Bugarova.
  • 5x Acupuncture to lose weight and support metabolism
  • 5x LPG treatment that enables natural body shaping, removes cellulite, models and slims the body.
  • 5x Manual lymphatic drainage with the help of which waste and toxic substances are washed out of the body.
  • 5x 1 day detox treatment composed of coldpress juices supplemented with vitamins and minerals to strengthen immunity and provide the body with clean and healthy energy.