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Draculotherapy ensures long-term skin hydration, reduces wrinkles and changes on the skin. It also revitalizes the skin, removes signs of aging and fatigue, increases skin elasticity, unifies color tone and hydrates dry skin for a long time. Accelerates skin healing and regeneration after surgery. It is suitable for patients with various types of scars, acne, problematic or withered skin.

Thanks to our collection sets, designed to perform the Dracula therapy, the process works in such a way that after centrifugation of the blood, plasma is produced, rich in platelets and more than 100 dormant growth factors, which contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin and its subsequent rejuvenation. Plasma enriched in this way ensures perfect and long-lasting results for 6 to 8 months.

More Information

Draculotherapy is a method of obtaining natural plasma to regenerate your face and other areas. The advantage is that your skin is completely natural and tailored because it comes from your own blood.

Draculo-hair therapy is used for all types of hair loss, autoimmune alopecia and diffuse and hormonal hair loss. Washing your hair for 24 hours after the procedure is not recommended.

However, it is used not only by clients who want to reduce the signs of aging and elegantly advance a new method of rejuvenation.

Acute infectious disease and pregnancy are contraindications.

For best results, we recommend a treatment of three treatments, one session every 2 weeks repeated every 6 to 8 months.

It is not necessary to come on an empty stomach before the procedure.