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The laser produces short bursts that pass through the top layer of the skin without breaking it. Light of different wavelengths is absorbed by the pigment of tattoo inks and its subsequent scattering occurs – the decomposition of the pigment into small particles.

Damaged colored particles remove the skin’s immune system or peel off along with damaged surface cells. In this way, the tattoo gradually fades and the color of the treated skin will be free of any color shades or stains after this procedure, and above all without unwanted tattoos.

More Information

Laser – the unbeatable and uncompromising tattoo removal

If you are one of those whose social reasons force you to get rid of tattoos or you have had your partner’s name tattooed or you have had a tattoo at a younger age and you no longer like tattoos and over time appear improperly on your body, we will be happy to help you.

To remove the tattoo, we use the most powerful depigmentation laser in our country and also the world’s unit – Q-SWITCHED LASER with a certificate from the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

With an incredible pulse length of 4 nanoseconds, it meets the criteria for the shortest possible laser pulses, which still help eliminate the thermal effect, and yet can work deeply and remove professional and very detailed tattoos. In addition, it eliminates damage to the surrounding tissue.

Before completing the treatment, a professional consultation with our MUDr. Jarmila Bugárová.