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Emotional detoxe by Russian device Skenar, now in special offer with the ionized anti-stress inhalation of oxygen!

Have you wanted to try it already for a long time? Now you can, together with oxygen, negative charged ions for stress balancing, therefore they perfectly suit to each other. When having a detoxe, we release the emotional toxins, which is followed by symphaticus and parasymphaticus put in balance in the 20-minute inhalation.

After the procedure, you take time to relax in a beautiful relax zone with snack, coffee and view at the river Dunaj.It is an addiction from the amazing feeling that comes after, about your beautiful skin without graymess we do not even talk about!

How does it work?

Treatment using the Russian device SKENAR can remove toxins, not just those classic toxins but also so called; emotional toxins. It improves mental well-being, removes the worries and burdens the body immediately and visibly. The treatment is done on the face, after materialization of toxins; clients can see them in the mirror. After then, we remove them; the skin is pink, lifted, and ready for any cosmetic treatment. The scanner combines both relaxation and aesthetic treatment. SKENAR stands for Energo Self Adaptive Controller. For emotional detoxe we use special program with electric impulses and silver electrodes, which the client perceives as a nice lifting massage on face. Something so unique you have not yet experienced! The treatment takes 20 minutes.

Time: 40 min
Original price: 79
Special offer: 69