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Àla Palla Facial Treatments is not only an effective method of treatment aimed at healing and beautifying the facial skin, but this method also encourages the mind and starts up your entire personality. We have decided to focus on the quality of àla Palla cosmetic products and the effectiveness of the massage techniques we have developed for this treatment concept only. No appliances, just natural cosmetics, professionalism of our specialists and the possibility of perfect, undisturbed relaxation.

Lunch – Break

The original concept of “Quick Treatment” treatment, which you will be able to do during a lunch break, includes facial treatments, consisting of all the steps of Palla Treatments, which are applied in quicker order, with a short massage with a 10 minute massage.

Deep Recovery

The original skin care concept from Palla Face Treatments with Ála Palla products. The price includes a 40-minute relaxation massage (face, neck, décolleté, trapeze) and as a bonus massage of hands and feet.


Skin & Soul Retreat

Treat and relax not only your for skin but also your mind. An exceptional combination of cleansing 30 minutes of Ála Palla ritual, Ála Palla Face Treatments and instrumentation of your choice. The price includes a 40-minute relaxation massage (face, neck, décolleté, trapeze).