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LED therapy is a simple and very effective way for the skin. This revolutionary method of treatment the skin uses different types of LED rays.A certain wavelength of light gets into different levels of the skin with its structures on which it affects by specific effects.

Skin cells grow more rapidly when they are exposed to LED light with a certain wavelength, while stimulation of the cells causes a better hydration and blood flow of the skin, which is to its appearance healthier and more vital. The result is tension and skin rejuvenation of the face, neck or decollete, depending on the application, and a number of other positive effects.

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Red light stimulates the regeneration of the skin tissue, because it increases the production of collagen in the skin and stimulates the fibroblasts, which leads to restart the recovery mechanisms.

Yellow light treats erythema, it has a detoxifying and smoothing effects and improves lymphatic and blood circulation as well.

The blue light is used in the treatment of acne and skin pores, because it has anti-bacterial and cleaning effects, thereby it reduces the amount of sebum and clearly improves the appearance of oily skin. LED therapy acts as a skin tension, it improves the skin’s softness, contributes to a better nourishment, strengthening and rejuvenation. It eliminates wrinkles, speeds up the healing of wounds after surgeries and refines the texture of scars. It improves the appearance of uneven pigmentation of the skin, helps to fade scars, freckles or dark circles under your eyes, and it also helps to prevent the occurance of age spots.

It can be done either targeted – when a specific skin problem, but also after surgery to accelerate the healing of scars. Also as a rejuvenating procedure or relax after a busy day. It is a painless and safe therapy for all types of skin without undesirable side effects.