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Oxygen facial treatment Bio

OxyGeneo treatment – by mixing the therapeutic gel and a special capsule, a large amount of CO2 is created on the skin that activates the Bohr effect. It is an innovative technology that combines skin cleaning,

increased skin oxygen levels and deep infusions of beneficial effects on the skin. Oxidation thus occurs directly from the inside, which will nourish and maintain the skin youthfull.

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Tripolar radio frequency – a thin layer of special gel is applied to a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected skin. Subsequently, TriPollar head is used for the entire face, which causes the skin overheat and collagen is formed in deep layers. TriPollar radio frequency technology does not use any kind of light, though it is possible to use this head for treatment of all skin types throughout the year. TriPollar treatment with the head is completely painless and results are visible immediately after the first treatment.

OxyGeneo -3 intervention in 1 treatment

Exfoliation – removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. Your skin will be smoothened, restored and prepared for the intake of nutrients and active substances.

Nutrition – OxyGeneo, using a special active capsule, it cleans the skin and delivers beneficial substances. You can choose from two capsules: to rejuvenate and to prevent aging, or to lighten the skin and improve its texture.

Skin Oxygen – OxyGeneo creates CO2 bubbles that gently crack and increase blood flow on the skin surface. Though the skin gets oxygen and increases its metabolism. Thanks to this natural method, the skin is perfectly oxygenated and absorbs all the active substances without problems.

Massage – improves the absorption of active substances as a result of increased cellular metabolism.