Aesthetic stomatology - procedures

  • Consultation

    Consultation is an entering interview of 30 minutes and examination by a doctor, in which we will respond to your questions, determine diagnosis and provide advice in the field of aesthetic stomatology. Also, we will propose to you the best methods to achieve a flawless smile, and we will choose the most efficient way to achieve this goal.

    30 min 30 €

  • Invisible dental braces

    In our clinic we offer you a comprehensive solution for the wrong position of the teeth and jaws in order to achieve maximum functional and aesthetic result. Under the term "Invisible dental braces" are hidden orthodontic appliances, which are for the average observer invisible. Invisible dental braces Invisalign are the method of choice for orthodontic treatment for adult patients who cannot or do not wish to have metal fixed dental braces. This is a method that is highly effective, fast and at the same time gentle to tooth tissues. The correct positions of the teeth will not only ensure the aesthetic and attractive appearance of our smile, but it will also ensure less cariosity, avoid undue usage of the teeth and prevent from the diseases of the jaw joint.

    60 min must be preceded by consultation

  • Tooth whitening

    Each of us yearns for a nice white teeth smile because white teeth evoke in us a feeling of healthy teeth. In order to achieve beautiful bright white teeth, the professional action of a dental expert in clinic, by ambulant whitening is necessary. In our clinic we use whitening that is fast, effective and with the immediate results. It is important to point out that this is a safe method, which does not harm your teeth and at the same time meet your expectations of a beautiful white smile.

    60 min must be preceded by consultation

  • Dental hygiene

    Dental hygiene is an effective therapeutic and preventive method of modern stomatology, which leads to the maintenance of our own teeth in your mouth until the high age. Within the care of our patients, we recommend the regular visit of dental hygiene at least once every 6 months, whereas clean teeth help us to avoid dental decay, parodontal diseases and are important for overall health. Performance is performed by specially trained professional staff, by using the most modern technologies. Professionally performed dental hygiene involves the removal of tartar by ultrasound and curettes, interdental cleaning, tooth polishing with polishing pastes, sand blasting and fluoridation of the teeth. We instruct the patients for proper cleaning teeth and provide advice on individual choices of the dental facilities for home dental hygiene.

    60 min 100 €

  • Sandblasting AIR-FLOW

    Professional tooth sandblasting with Air-flow system is the most effective method of polishing and cleaning teeth. Sandblasting is a part of dental hygiene, but can also be taken as a separate procedure. It is a mechanical removal of pigments by a special device using a fine powder. It is an ideal procedure for patients who tend to have increased pigment deposition on their teeth (smoking, drinking coffee), but also very often used to refresh and instantly brighten their teeth. Sandblasting removes coatings, dirt and pigments from the teeth surface, while giving you a beautifully clean and white smile.

    30 min 60 €