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Plasma skin rejuvenation

Plason therapy stimulates the formation of new collagen in the tissue, elastin fibres and improves the condition of skin damaged by the Sun. The therapy has also lifting effect, it correct fine wrinkles, and skin surface.

The treatment helps especially youthful skin to reduce acne, revive connective tissue and solve pigmentation problems. It also provides support for strengthening of your skin and it’s defence ability.

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Plasma characteristics and effects in aesthetics:

  • Electrical conductivity – electrical conductivity of the plasma allows highly effective toning of tissues, restores the skin to its compactness, stimulates elasticity of the skin, improves blood and lymphatic drainage, removes damaging substances out of the body and improves tissue oxygenation.
  • An increase of the skin permeability and hydration – plasma allows the hydration of the deepest layers of skin. Keeping a balance in the skin is important for the treatment of common problems of the skin, for example wrinkles, dry skin, acne, striae, etc.
  • Special mineral peeling effect – the plasma is generated from the highly intense electric field; it allows the removal of dead cells on the surface of the skin. Dead cells prevent oxidation of the skin; badly reflect sunlight and the skin act grayed out. By removing these dead cells, we achieve glow and oxygenation, regeneration, improvement and hydration of the skin.