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We are the first clinic in the Slovak Republic focused on the treatment of incorrect position of teeth and jaws exclusively through modern aesthetic techniques (invisible toothpicks).

We were also the first to bring you the option of accelerated treatment – (up to 100% faster) with Acceledent.

Dr. Durzo is the first specialist in the Slovak Republic certified in 2D and 3D linguistic techniques Incognito, eBrace as well as Invisalign and Orthocaps, and for almost 10 years he has been dedicated to their promotion and professional practical training of other orthodox orthopedists.

Ambulance Sangre Azul specializes in these challenging, but for patients aesthetically appealing, treatment techniques. It also provides specialized dental hygiene for patients with invisible / transparent compensators Invisalign and Spark. Sangre azul is the first and so far the only ambulance in the Slovak Republic focused exclusively on invisible machines. It is also a training professional workplace for these techniques as well as a mediator of professional statements or. expert opinions on these types of orthodontic treatment.