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Face cleaning is important, it removes dirt and grime that has accumulated on the skin during your normal day. Even daily makeup is not an easy task for your face.

We all strive for beautiful skin without blemishes. However, in order for your face to be clear and your skin to be radiant, it is necessary to pay proper attention to it.

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Deep skin cleansing is a very important part of skin care. It is used mainly for acne skin with komedon skin and inflammation. Manual treatment of acne in which clogged sebaceous glands open and clean. All this with two steps of apparatus treatment HF: Active 4 and Beta HD.


Skin Scrubber or also hydroabrasion is used on the face and décolleté. It is suitable for every skin type. Hydroabrasion sets do peeling, hydrate the skin and stimulate blood circulation. In addition, the hydroabrasive method is effective for horny skin, tear sacs, wrinkles, acne and pigmentation disorders. Blood flow is improved, cellular metabolism is stimulated and lymphatic pathways are activated.