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Radiofrequency strengthening of the body

Exilis is a unique device that emits the controlled batch of ultrasonic waves and thermal energy to the tissue.

Combination of the effects of the waves and excitation of molecules, the device achieves excellent results and it’s rightfully called “painless liposuction”.

More Information

Ultrasonic energy is essentially a mechanical wave. Depending on the frequency, depth of intersection of the waves into the tissue is changed as well.

Ultrasound Exilis is set to penetrate into fat layers stored in the deeper layers of the dermis on purpose. The defence formations of fat structures (fat fibrotic structures) are mechanically disturbed there and though they separate fat cells on independent units.

Such prepared fat tissue is easier to be available for activity of radio-frequency energy. The thermal effects of the use of radio-frequency energy are already used with success in various medical disciplines for decades. The device EXILIS has a built-in control and safety systems (EFC, DTC), thanks to which it is possible to secure the use of radio-frequency energy in aesthetic and beauty.

The controlled flow of thermal energy penetrates through the skin into the fat tissue and stimulates the metabolic activities that result in lipolysis, i.e. release of the content of fat cells and reduction of their capacity.