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The newest generation of medical LPG body treatment

The combination of two technologies offers unique results and complex effect on body shaping, while getting slimmer and younger body.

It is the only technique in which it is possible to release fat deposited under the skin layer, which cannot be removed either by diet, exercise or liposuction.

More Information

LPG technique is intended for the treatment of pathological changes of the tissue.

LPG is a unique device whose treatment head contains a motorised roller with a motorised flap and works with synchronised sequential vacuum. Vacuum wave creates a skin fold (1st roller) and then straighten back (2nd roller). The device is equipped with a procedure control system that allows you to continuously monitor the force of the swath on skin on the skin sag and to check the patient’s feelings. The display runs as a system of a reinformation and the maximal accurate values about the procedure are displayed there; it allows the operator to control the intensity and maximal effectivity of each movement.

  • Aesthetic programs – body shaping, cellulite removal, slimming, postoperative treatments, postpartum treatments.
  • Fitness programs – muscle shaping, warm-up before training, convalescence, stretching.
  • Relaxation programs – relaxing and antistress-massage for tired feet.