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LightSheer Duet – permanent removal of hair

This is the most powerful machine in the field of laser epilation of body technique. The successful laser epilation comes out from the principle of selective phototermolysis.

By laser epilation you achieve the expected effect of smooth skin without hair, repeated after three to six treatments, depending on the treated areas. Laser hair epilation has a long-term effect for several years.

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When choosing the right diode laser wavelength, energy density and length of pulsing, it gets to laser luminous energy absorption in melanin of hair follicles. The diode laser LightSheer excels in very simple operation, undemanding application and high safety for a client. The diode laser LightSheer represents the most effective laser epilation technology used to reach the gradual process of removing the hairs on the face and body. The laser uses the principle of selective phototermolysis, that is, the light energy is transformed into a thermal energy, and it is subsequently detected in melanin – the pigment of germinal hair follicle cells. The laser produces light of a single wavelength concentrated in a narrow beam. The laser produces luminous radiation of the same wavelength concentrated in the limited roll of rays.

The treatment is extremely effective for darker and thicker hairs, lighter and softer hairs are removed less efficiently. Repeated heat exposure on the hair follicle and the subsequent damage of the germinal centers of the hair, it loses the ability of its growth, it gets thinner, and it loses color and reduces its length.