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IV THERAPY is a series of several packages with which you can help heal your body, supply it with the necessary energy, necessary vitamins, boost your immunity or

improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails. In this program, you can choose from up to six unique variants, which you will learn more about below.

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Intravenous infusion solution containing ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is suitable for supporting the body’s immunity and preventing disease. The cocktail increases the body’s antioxidant protection, protects against the damaging effects of free radicals, improves iron absorption from the digestive tract, reduces the risk of seasonal viral diseases, various infectious diseases, gastrointestinal carcinogens and serious diseases such as atherosclerosis and hypertension. The therapy is also suitable as a supportive treatment for ongoing acute inflammatory and infectious diseases. Regular infusion treatment with vitamin C will charge you with new energy and vitality.

CALM simple / combined
The intravenous infusion solution of magnesium, vitamin and trace elements has a calming and relaxing effect. The cocktail calms internal restlessness, supports immunity, increases immunity, reduces the risk of seizures and supports the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract. It is suitable for stressful lifestyles, tendencies to tetany, neurotic tendencies and burnout syndrome. The cocktail lowers blood alcohol levels.

HYDRATION simple / combined
The moisturizing vitamin infusion solution is suitable for conditions of dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion of the body. Cocktail applied intravenously provides the body with the necessary hydration, energy, vitality, helps with increased mental and physical stress, relaxes muscles and tension. In addition, the solution also has a rejuvenating and rejuvenating effect.

ANTIAGE simple / combined
A sterile concentrate of fat-soluble multivitamins acts as highly effective in combating aging. In addition to the overall regeneration of the body, the solution also affects the formation of collagen and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Collagen stimulation will support natural beauty, body functioning and overall wellbeing. Regular administration of infusion antiage cocktails is reflected in the improvement of the condition of hair, nails, gums and skin.

VITAMIN BOOSTER simple / combine
The multivitamin infusion cocktail focuses on micronutrient deficits and digestion support. Super solution of vitamins, minerals and trace elements contributes to the right metabolism for energy production, supports normal hormonal activity, immunity and immune system, vitamin B complex supports the nervous system and keeps the brain in good condition, vitamin C and folic acid acts as an antioxidant, biotin supports the growth and quality of hair and nails, contributes to the right metabolism for energy production.

The sports energy booster cocktail is served to supply energy and regenerate muscles, joints and tendons. The goal of intravenous treatment is to improve health, take the necessary amount of vitamins, electrolytes and water. It acts against oxidative stress, accelerates healing, regeneration of the body, increases the function of the immune system, improves immunity, metabolism, cell exchange, nourishes muscle mass and builds energy in the body. It is suitable for athletes with high physical activity.