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Eyebrows and eyelashes are perhaps the first thing a person notices on the other’s face. That’s why we strive to always have them beautiful and distinctive. Now there is a method to highlight them effortlessly for a few weeks in a natural and painless way.

Eyebrow lamination as well as eyelash lamination is a temporary treatment that usually lasts 4-6 weeks after application and is suitable for all types.

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This method is also called brow filler or eyebrow lifting. It is a professional lifting for trendy, dramatic and full eyebrows worthy of movie stars. No matter what “flaws” your brows have – gaps, thinning, excessive shedding, unruliness – brow lamination is a wonderful non-invasive, temporary but effective way to improve the appearance of your brows.

It is ideal for thick, shaggy, thick or downward growing eyebrows and also great for those who are satisfied but want to add volume and shine. Eyebrow lamination makes it possible to recreate the client’s eyebrows without the need for needles or semi-permanent makeup.



Professional lifting for trendy curled eyelashes. It’s like a permanent lash to a lifted, curled state. But unlike the harsh formulas that were once used to permanently fix the hair on our heads, this eyelash lift is considerably gentler. A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that aims to stretch and curl your lashes upwards to make them look much more defined.

You don’t need eyelash curlers at all! Unlike lash extensions – which involve gluing fake liners to the lash line to create fullness – a lash lift beautifully accentuates what you already have. They are essentially permanent for your eyelashes, so they visually highlight and enlarge the eyelashes beautifully, then apply nourishing serums, which are excellent for the nutrition, elasticity and growth of eyelashes.